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Jamie Foxx

Known as one of the sexiest black actors in Hollywood, Jamie Foxx has achieved fame not only for his acting and comedic stint but also for his singing as well, talents that won the hearts of women everywhere. The actor was born on December 13, 1967 in Terrel Texas as Eric Morlon Bishop. His upbringing was a little bit unusual. His mother was a pregnant teenager who was later adopted by a couple named Mark and Esther Talley who also legally adopted Eric.
Foxx won a scholarship at the San Diego United States International University, where he would study classical piano and music theory. While in school, Foxx earned money on the side by playing on jazz and ballet classes. However, in pursuit of bigger dreams as a performer, Foxx dropped out in 1988 and moved to Las Vegas. There he gott hooked on comedy after going up on stage during a comedy club open mike night. He continued honing his comedy skills, going on auditions while selling shoes for Thomm McCann before he was cast in Living Color in 1990.

He first tasted his first dose of fame with in Living Color. But it was only after a decade that Foxx started working with such heavyweights as Oliver Stone and Michael Mann who would become instrumental in his success as an actor.

Foxx knew he was in the big leagues when he starred opposite Tom Cruise in the hit action thriller Collateral, playing the taxi driver who drove Cruise’s character all over the city. He followed this up with an award-winning performance as the lead character in Ray, a biopic of famed musician Ray Charles. Foxx won an Oscar and a Golden globe for his portrayal, an indication that more serious parts where coming his way.

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