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Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias is well-known as a Spanish pop singer, and there was a time when he ruled the Spanish-speaking airwaves. For some, it was not such a surprise since his father is singer Julio Iglesias. Enrique is Julio’s third and youngest child with Filipina socialite and journalist, Isabel Preysler. Despite the musical connection, Enrique preferred not letting his father know at first that he was planning on seeking a career in music. He actually borrowed money from his nanny to get himself started. He prepared demos in both English and Spanish. At first, he went under the stage name of Enrique Martinez, a supposedly unknown singer from Guatemala. Finally, he was able to launch his musical career in 1995 with hits in the Spanish language. He continued creating Spanish hits for the next few years. Then, he crossed over to singing English speaking songs in 1999. This was a great move as Enrique’s star shone beyond the Latin world.

He produced international hits, such as Bailamos and Be With You. He even had collaborations with big named artists such as Whitney Houston. His first English album Enrique was not even a one-time thing. He followed it up with the success of Escape. After these English albums, he continued experimenting with both English and Spanish songs. Though he is no longer as popular today, Enrique Iglesias continues to write, produce, and deliver good songs. Amidst all of these and despite his private nature, he has been linked to several famous female celebrities. His ongoing nine-year relationship with former tennis pro, Anna Kournikova, however, is what fueled rumors of marriage and divorce. Enrique laughs off the rumors, claiming that the relationship is still ongoing but they have never been married.

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