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Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian will be forever etched in peopleís minds as the guy who has had, and currently still has, an affair with singer LeAnn Rimes. The story has become the stuff of tabloids. But career-wise, Cibrian is best known for his roles in Third Watch as Jimmy Doherty and Invasion Russell Varon. He has also starred in a few films, including The Cave, Say It Isnít So, and Living Out Loud, his first venture into the big screen in 1998. Cibrian, of Cuban origin, was born in Burbank, California to an office manager, Hortensia and banker Carl Cibrian on June 16, 1973. In 2001, he married Brandi Glanville. They have two children but had to separate in July 2009 because of the Rimes affair.

The American actor has starred and guest-starred in several television soap operas and prime time series. He has some good breaks with some of these television dramas, especially in Vanished, a show he became a part of in 2006. Even if he had joined the show in the middle of the season, he later took over the lead role. In 2009, he joined the CSI: Miami cast. However, what really became Cibrianís turning point in Hollywood is the Lifetime made for television movie, Northern Lights. It was a romance, an adaptation of a Nora Roberts novel. In the movie, he starred against Leann Rimes, and the infidelity rumors started. In the beginning, Cibrianís and Rimesí spouses have defended them. When the truth about the affair came out, however, divorce proceedings for both couples have become inevitable. Cibrianís marriage up to the moment is still in the process of being dissolved. His relationship with Rimes has also become public, just a little before Cibrian has filed for divorce, naming irreconcilable differences as the culprit.

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