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Clive Owen

Even for a man with a steely gaze, unwavering confidence, and intelligent face, Clive Owen is not to be typecast in a single role. This English actor knows too well the meaning of versatility, after appearing in the epic film King Arthur, cult classic Sin City, 2006 drama Inside Man, and Closer where he played opposite Hollywood sweetheart Julia Roberts and earned nominations from the Academy Award. Though he has the makings of a serious actor that is not to be taken lightly, Owen surely knows how to turn to his comedic side, with his cameo role for the 2005 movie, Pink Panther, where he took the role of "006." After appearing in a series of espionage thrillers such as the The Bourne Identity and The International, a lot of fans, especially the women, are waiting for the time when the English actor will get to play James Bond or agent 007.

Born on October 3, 1964, Owen, though more popular for his Hollywood movies, is also a television and stage actor. He was a good student, but fell in love with acting, which he realized early on. Knowing too well what he wanted to be, he ditched school and worked as a pool hustler. He decided to go back to school and graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art with Ralph Fiennes and Jane Horrocks. They say that he seems to be following the same path of Tim Roth and Terence Ramp. But apart from acting like a tough guy in movies like Shoot 'em Up, Owen proved that there's another side to him in movies like Closer and Derailed with Jennifer Aniston.

Not much was heard from Clive Owen during the '90s, but after getting big breaks in the early 2000s, the English actor became a certified celebrity. He's a very private guy who hates the paparazzi. He's also known to love soccer and spends much of his time at home, to take a break from filmmaking and be with his two kids with wife Sarah-Jane Fenton, a former actress.

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