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Christian Bale

Before landing the role of Bruce Wayne in Chris Nolan's Batman series, Christian Bale was highly acclaimed for his roles in independent films and movies produced by art houses. He got his first big break at 13 through legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg. After beating 4,000 other actors for the role, he was cast to play as an English boy who got lost to a Japanese camp during the Second World War.

The English actor, who was born on the 30th of January 1974, became an instant star after the release of his movie with Steven Spielberg, but suffered from the media attention, leading to his decision to join his father in LA after the divorce. LA then became a land of opportunities for Bale, when he got himself a number of roles. Though his movies didn't become instant box office hits, some of which even flopped, he became friends with a young, famous actress who ushered her into Hollywood fame and helped him meet his future wife, Sibi (Sandra) Blazic. Winona Ryder helped Bale get cast in the 1994 movie Little Women, where Ryder is the lead. The movie won several Academy Award nominations and made Bale a Hollywood heartthrob at that time.

After becoming more visible in independent films, Bale made a big buzz after doing the movie, American Psycho. His more notable movies include The Machinist, Batman Begins, The New World, The Dark Knight, Terminator Salvation, and Public Enemies.

What female fans love about Christian Bale is his handsome and intelligent face, which made him a fitting cast for the role of Bruce Wayne, Batman's alter ego. Compared to other Hollywood factors, he keep things private and is known to be passionate about acting. Though he was also cast in small budget films, he knows how to choose his roles well. The serious actor has the body, the manly appeal, and talent, a combination some women find irresistible.

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