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Billy Zane

Best known for his role in the blockbuster hit Titanic as Caledon Hockley, Billy Zane has established a name for himself as a film and TV actor, director, and producer. Aside from his role in Titanic, he is also known for his successful roles in the 1989 thriller flick Dead Calm, and hit TV series Twin Peaks that aired from 1990 to 1991.

Billy was born to Thalia and William George Zane, Sr. in Chicago, Illinois. He studied for one year at the American School in Switzerland and finished high school at the Francis W. Parker School. He then started to hone his acting skills by enrolling at the Wisconsin-based Harand Camp of the Theater Arts.

Popular for his villain roles, Billy Zane started his acting career by starring in a couple of sci-fi movies -- Back to the Future (1985) and Critters (1986). In the nineties, Billy continued to star and appear in several movies, including Megaville (1990), The Phantom (1996), and Titanic (1997). His role in Titanic earned him several awards -- a Blockbuster Entertainment Award, a "Best Villain" nomination from the MTV Movie Awards, and a SAG award nomination. During the following years, Billy Zane starred in the critically acclaimed flick The Believer. Subsequent projects included a cameo role in the comedy film Zoolander, various Broadway productions, a recurring role in the hit TV series Charmed, and a starring role in the Valley of the Wolves Iraq in 2006.

As a voice actor, he voiced Etrigan The Demon in an episode for The New Batman Adventures, and Pocahontas 2's John Rolfe.

Zane is known to have married Lisa Collins, also an actress, in 1989. However, the couple filed for a divorce in 1995. Other actress who were linked to him were Leonor Varela, Emma Howard, and Kelly Brook. He is currently dating Jasmina Hdagha, a Croatian model.

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